Does CheapCaribbean.com price match?

You’re in luck! We DO price match against another company for up to 24 hours after you book your trip with CheapCaribbean.com, or we can instantly price match a competitor at the time of booking. You can view our Price Match Policy or you can email pricematch@cheapcaribbean.com for further instructions on how to submit your price match request.

Some quick Price Match Terms:

  • The lower qualifying rate must be for an identical hotel and airfare package and must be found on a U.S.-based online travel wholesaler website.
  • Only original bookings will be honored for the Post-Booking Price Match program; modified bookings are not eligible at any time. If a change is made to the hotel and airfare reservation the price match will be forfeited.
  • All booking details must exactly match the details of the product on CheapCaribbean.com, including but not limited to: specific carrier or provider, hotel (including room type), dates and times of travel or service, flight numbers and routings (for example, same stopovers), and other booking details.
  • If you are price matching and electing to take advantage of the deposit program, the $34 nonrefundable fee will be added to your hotel and airfare reservation total.
  • Lower qualifying rates do not include rates on Websites where the carrier, property, itinerary, or similar booking details are unclear or unknown until after purchase, where prices are determined by any sort of auction or bid, or include Non-Refundable room categories or rates. This also includes prices from an email or websites where you are required to call to get the rate.
  • International websites as well as DeltaVacations.com are not applicable.
  • Lower qualifying rates do not include errors or mistakes.
  • The lower qualifying rate must be both advertised and available to the general public on a U.S.-based Website.
  • Promotions funded by tourism boards that are exclusive to a competitor's website do not qualify and shall not include direct vendor rates, as only wholesaler rates are applicable for the program.
  • Corporate group or charter discounts and/or rates, rewards programs, incentives, meeting and convention rates, consolidator or interline prices or prices available only by using a coupon, or any other rates or promotions not offered to the general public will not be eligible.
  • Competitor's packages that do not include all applicable mandatory fees and/or local taxes and packages that do not charge the user in full for children, resulting in payment due at check-out do not qualify for the price match program.
  • The lower qualifying rate must be quoted and booked in US dollars, without reference to currency converters. In order to be a valid lower rate, CheapCaribbean must be satisfied that you meet all requirements otherwise imposed on the lower price, including residency, regional, membership, age-related and other requirements.
  • Travel Agent bookings are not eligible for the CheapCaribbean.com Price Match Programs.
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