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Oh, no! My credit card expiration date is listed incorrectly. Is this a problem?

No, not a problem at all. We’ve got answers:

  1. If you paid in full, this will not cause any problems with your trip, as you have already paid for your entire trip. (So you can continue packing).
  2. If you made a deposit, you will need to update your credit card information in order for us to process your payment. Here’s a couple ways you can do that::
  • If you have a customer account, Click Here to log into your account and you can update your information yourself!
  • Or, you can call our Reservations Services department and one of our aahh-some BhDs will be very happy to update the information for you. For your protection, you will need your booking number and be able to verify the last 4 digits of your credit card. So gather your necessary info before you make the call so we can zip right through this.
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