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How do I make a payment or pay off my balance?

There are two easy, breezy ways to do this.

Here’s how the first option works: if you book with our deposit program, we'll charge the credit card you have on file, automatically, 21 days prior to your departure. This way, you don’t’ have to worry about circling back with us. Once we successfully charge the final balance, you'll receive an email with your full confirmation documents for your dream escape.

And here’s how the second option works: You can make payments online directly. Here’s the link to begin (plus a screenshot because we know you like pictures):

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Make Payment

Depending on your preference choose 'Use Saved Card' or 'Use New Card' to continue to the next payment step


Use Saved Card Method ->

Choose the card you want to use from the card selection tool

Input the CVV for the chosen card

The Amount to Charge can be modified to any dollar amount (min $1.00)

You can also choose to designate this card for any future payments.  


After successfully applying payment, you’ll be brought back to the Make Payment Start screen.  

The Total Charged and the Total Due will be updated accordingly

I.E. – After a $100 payment





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  • Avatar
    Rachel Peters

    How do the payment schedules work?? For example if we booked 9 months in advance, how often do the payments need to be made??

  • Avatar
    Pamela Burget

    Hi Rachel-
    You don't need to make regular payments! Of course, if you want to you can. The deposit amount paid at the time of booking is enough to confirm your reservation. We only need the remaining balance paid on the 21st day prior to your travel. For your convenience, our system will automatically charge the card on file for the remaining balance on that day.

  • Avatar
    Rachel Peters

    One more question, how much is a normal deposit??

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • Avatar
    Pamela Burget

    The deposit amount varies and is dependent on the total amount of the package you choose. If you go through the process of viewing a package online, at the end, just before payment you will see the required deposit amount.