Mexico Travel Warning

CheapCaribbean is always monitoring the latest news and events of all its destinations to ensure the utmost safety and security of our customers. The recent designation from the U.S. State Department of a tiered travel advisory system is meant to make security information for potential American travelers clearer and more nuanced. With concerns being raised over the designations given to Mexico, it's important to note that the country as a whole is at a level two advisory meaning "exercise increased caution," with other level two destinations including Rome, Paris and Bali. The five states within the country at a level four, with the recommendation being "do not travel" is not actually a new alert but rather a change in the labeling system. While much of the country remains safe, we always advise travelers to take the utmost caution and encourage them to call us at 1-800-915-2322 with any questions about current or upcoming trips. You may also visit the Mexico Travel Warning page.

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    Rachel Dahlem

    Will customers who've purchased a vacation package be contacted if the threat level is increased? If not, how will we know when it is high enough to warrant allowing us to do an exchange? I've read the warnings on the state department's site but don't know exactly how we know the difference between one level and another.